Original Equipment Manufacturing
Original Equipment Manufacturing is where product is fully designed by a client/buyer and then licensed out to a manufacturer to product. Since a product is designed by the client/buyer, one can customize any feature of a product: from the design to its functionality. Although this may sound burdensome for many, Herb Family's design and perfumery lab fully assists our client/buyer throughout the course of product development and mass production.
Advantage of OEM
Having a complete control over product development, you can customize any feature of a product to differentiate it. OEM is the ideal solution for those competing in a market segment with specific needs and wants.


1. Pre-development meeting
Ideation meeting

Target Market & Segment / Product & Marketing Concept

2. Product Development Meeting

Fix product details / Fix product development direction

3. Contact

Fix terms and conditions for project

4. Product Selection

Sample Product Selection Involving:  Fragrance, Container Selection, Packaging Selection

5. Final Design & Spec Sheet Confirmation
6. Production

Raw Material Order Placement / Production Scheduling & Manufacturing

7. Diffusion & Safety Testing
8. Quality Control & Monitoring
9. Delivery