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Herb Family provides turn key solutions from product design and development to mass production of high quality products


Fragrance Sachet

Cover every hidden corner of your life with fragrance

Enjoy our fragrance even in the least expected corners of your day-to-day life.
Contained in a small paper & fabric pouches known as Sachet, our fragrances will keep your drawers, closets, and even your carrier bags fresh and pleasant whenever you open them.


Fragrance Spray

Enjoy the fragrance immediately

With a simple touch, you can bring the freshness in the air any time, any where. It is one of the fastest ways to make add fragrance to any space. Our perfumery lab has made it even more special by tailoring it for specific needs of different spaces in our everyday life such as kitchen, bathroom, living room and more.


Diffuser for Car

Keep it fragrant wherever you go

Travel fragrant with our Car Freshener. It is the best way to keep one of our most private space pleasant. Herb Family's perfumery lab provides various products with essential oils and fragrance blends to create a satisfying experience for diverse end users. 


Handmade Soap

Enjoy the aroma in your hand

Our Soap will help keeping your hand  clean and moisturizing throughout the day. The artisanal soaps we make are based on various natural oils and we can reformulate the soap to add different functional characteristics to each batch we produce.



Transform your space with an aromatic candlelight

Let the aromatic lights delight you with ambience created with fragrance and candlelight. Candles are great for both personal use as well as for a gift. Herb Family can produce candle of every design based by customizing every bit that makes up candle: from the wax to wick, fragrance, color and more. 


Essential Oils

The essence of nature brought to you in a bottle.

Essential oils have been thought to be the best of gift man has made from the nature. They are functional, refreshing, and sophisticated in nature. Herb Family provides essential oils of various grade ready to be used at any time.


Drawer Liner

Envelop your clothes in fragrance

A single sheet of scented paper is all it takes to fill up a drawer with fragrance and keep it lovely whenever you open it. Let the aroma be absorbed into your clothes while it waits for you in a drawer.




Fragrance Diffusers

Keep your space fragrant effortlessly through consistent fragrance release

Herb Family's diffusers provide continuous dissemination of fragrance based on natural evaporation of fragrance. If is controlled through the combination of diffusing material and fragrance formula. Our ability to match different fragrances and diffusion materials allows materials allows us to develop a functional production with style.  

Product Manufacturing Ratio

Production quantity varies according to specification

Our Main Advantages Fuction

To Supplying our own brand products, we can help you by designing, developing and manufacturing products of exceptional quality for your brand. Our turn-key solution includes custom fragrance design, graphic design, package design, manufacturing and production. Mass production of high-quality products at reasonable price is possible thanks to our accumulated technology and factory automation.

Customer Satisfaction
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Creative Design
Development Process Speed
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Herb Family

Herb Family may sound new but ownership has 30 plus years of olfactory background.   Actually, Jae, one of the owners, was raised on a herb farm started by her parents which she inherited in 1997 together with her husband Lee. She naturally fell in love with the scents of various herbs, while learning the characteristics and practical benefits of each species. For her family, fragrance was not just something to smell but something to feel and eat as holistic medicine. With this in mind, she and her husband have been searching for the finest raw materials around the globe to bring Nature to everybody’s Home. She blends each ingredient and picks each package with utmost care and expertise to create the best home fragrance products. The fresh clean scents the way mother nature intended are preserved for your spiritual well-being.