Frequently Asked Question
Q1. What sets Herb Family Inc. apart from other suppliers?

There are many brands and producers of fragrance products but Herb Family is notably different in two ways:

1.Providing a turn key solution

-Herb Family’s design lab and perfumery lab provides a turn key solution from product & concept design for every

feature of a product to package printing and mass production which is an economical way to produce your very own product.


2.High quality mass production

Herb Family is capable of customizing a wide span of products and can produce at large scale at high quality based on our years of experience in production and automated production line.


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Q2. What type of products does Herb Family have the capability to develop and produce?

Herb Family is capable of producing a wide range of products including candles, diffusers, sprays, soaps, car air fresheners and more using both natural and perfumery based fragrances. For more details, please see Product Capabilities page.


Product Capabilities

Q3. What are Herb Family’s Minimum Order Quantities?

MOQ differs largely with each product type and specification. The most important part is providing the best and most

efficient solution for each project. Thus Herb Family provides project based MOQ for each inquiry.


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Q4. How long does it take?

It varies with each project but to produce a new product typically takes 4-6 months including the design and development work.

However, this is only a general guide line and the lead time depend much on the characteristics of each project.

Business Inquiries

Q5. How can I make a start for an OEM/ODM project?

Please answer all questions on ‘ Business Inquiry’ page. Provide as much and as accurate information as you can

in order to get a detailed answer for your inquiry.

Our representative will review your request and get back to you with how we can get started. If you do not hear back

from us, please email hf2@herbfamily.com at any time.