Diffuser Type

Herb Family’s diffusers provide continuous dissemination of fragrance based on natural evaporation of fragrance. Also, they are controlled the combination of diffusing material and fragrance formula. To match different fragrances and diffusion materials allow us to develop a functional production with style.


Natural Reed Stick: Diffusers are ideal ways to add constant fragrance to your space. The most widely used material for diffusion is Natural Reed Sticks. It sorks by absorbing the fragrance from the container and disseminating the scent into the air through evaporation.

Fiber Reed Stick: Fiber Reed Sticks are almost identical to reed sticks in appearance but they are much more effective in fragrance diffusion. It is widely used for product that need to have strong scent dissemination.


Preserved flowers are natural flowers that have been processed using non-toxic solutions to maintain its beauty for much longer time. They are great decoration when mix & matched with floral scents. 


If you wish to maintain the floral feelings for even longer, artificial flowers are great way to decorate your space both visually and olfactory.


Sola (Wooden Petals): Plants, a type of reeds that are native to the South East Asia.  Sola petals are effective in fragrance diffusion by providing a greater evaporation surface. Sola plants can be made into any shape and size and they are ideal way to keep your house fragrance and a perfect Home decor gift.


Wood Craft Sticks are thin sticks cut out from wooden boards. It is often cut into various shapes, especially words or short sentences, which allows your diffuser to deliver a message with a fragrance. For this reason, Wood sticks are widely used for seasonal products or for promotional gifts by renowned brands.


Wood blocks can be cut out into various shapes and sizes that are used for fragrance diffusion. The unique design and texture of wood decorates your space with natural warmth. It is also great for fragrance diffusion.